(scheme time)


Returns the number of jiffies as an exact integer that have elapsed since an arbitrary, implementation-defined epoch. A jiffy is an implementation-defined fraction of a second which is defined by the return value of the jiffies-per-second procedure. The starting epoch is guaranteed to be constant during a run of the program, but may vary between runs.


Returns an inexact number representing the current time on the International Atomic Time (TAI) scale. The value 0.0 represents midnight on January 1, 1970 TAI (equivalent to ten seconds before midnight Universal Time) and the value 1.0 represents one TAI second later. Neither high accuracy nor high precision are required; in particular, returning Coordinated Universal Time plus a suitable constant might be the best an implementation can do.


Returns an exact integer representing the number of jiffies per SI second. This value is an implementation-specified constant.